Saturday, June 30, 2007


For some time now, Abby has kept a pretty nice blog that occasionally gets updated. Last fall, we moved in together, became engaged, and somewhere along the line started thinking about how nice it would be to have a blog for both of us. So, here it is. The first post.

I suspect that most of the entries will have something to do with food. It might be about something we cook at home, an interesting product we see in the store, something that we eat at a friend's house, or something we get at a restaurant. I might post other things, but I doubt it. I spend way too much time thinking about cooking, talking about cooking, reading about cooking, and actually cooking, and I doubt I would really get around to posting much else. Of course, the occasional holidays, trips home, and visits from out of town guests may make their way onto this blog, but, as our (or at least my) day-to-day life is often made memorable by the food, that's what the day-to-day posts will be about.

Not food related, but I felt like putting these pictures up.

So, I think Abby wants to put these figures on top of our wedding cake. She thinks they are just like us because I'm "always very stern while she's all oblivious and stuff."

Here's what we really look like.

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