Friday, June 6, 2008

Mint tortelloni

Adam, Jon, and I got together for a little "bro night" the other week. As Adam said, "It's just a few dudes hangin' out, drinking beer and cooking gourmet food." manly. Anyway, here's one of the dishes I made. I also tried another version of the roasted pork ragu that I've already blogged about. I tried using spinach pasta instead of the regular egg pasta and I tried a half and half mixture of lamb and pork. My advice, stick with the original recipe. This version, for some reason or another, turned out a bit stringy and the spinach pasta was not a great pairing. Anyway, on to this dish. The filling for the pasta was from the Babbo recipe for their "Mint Love Letters." Instead of serving the past with merguez and tomato sauce (I was already serving a lamb and tomato pasta as a second pasta course), I finished the dish off with butter, mint, chives, and a little basil oil and truffle oil. The dish was really good, but next time I'll try to role the pasta out a little thinner and maybe try working ricotta into the stuffing.

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