Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mary's Fish Camp

Mary's Fish Camp is located on a quiet corner in Greenwich village, but it might was well be in a small town on the Cape. The restaurant is small, without being overly crowded, and a large metal counter sweeps through the center of the room, dividing the small dining area from the kitchen. The two walls facing the street are almost entirely glass, letting in a lot of light and lending to the coastal feel of the place. Vases with reeds sit on the window sills. These sort of remind me of the coastal vegetation you would see in a place like the Outer Banks. The interior walls were adorned with a painting of a sad looking fish and a chalkboard with the day's menu.

This restaurant is known for its unfussy preparation of really fresh ingredients. Its the kind of place where you can get a whole fish grilled with a little salt and pepper and a spritz of lemon juice. We ordered cockles with white beans and garlic for an appetizer, I had a spicy fried sardine sandwich, and Abby ordered the oyster po' boy. We both loved the appetizer. I thought my sandwich was great, but Abby was not impressed by the po' boy. It was good, but didn't measure up to our current standard, the Barking Carb in Boston. Even so, I would recommend this place. Prices were decent, the food was good, and the atmosphere is nice.

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