Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cambridge area restaurants

Below, I posted my favorite place to buy ingredients, but I don't always cook my own meals. Here's a map of restaurants the I like and would recommend. I'm always looking for new places to try, so please comment if you have any suggestions. Click on link below to the full page and click on the markers for comments about each place.

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Here are my recommendations:
High end - Oleana
Mid range - East Coast Grill, The Garden at the Cellar
Inexpensive - Muqueca
Sandwiches - Darwin's, All Star Sandwich Bar
Burritos - Olecito
Tacos - Tacos Lupita
Mexican - Tu y Yo
Chinese - Shangri La
Japanese(Inexpensive) - Blue Fin
Other fun ethnic foods - Muqueca, Machu Picchu, Ortanique
Burgers - The Cellar (best fries), O'Sullivan's
Brunch - Sound Bites, East Coast Grill
Seafood - Muqueca

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