Sunday, July 1, 2007


Last Monday, Sharlene invited me to one of those hush-hush private bistros called 'The Wink.' Here friend, Brandon does this every week (Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the food). This time around, he started with a cold dish of swiss chard stuffed with mushrooms, pecans, tempe, and a few other things on top of a white bean puree with, I think, a parsley oil. People who know me know that I absolutely hate mushrooms, but, not wanting to be rude, I took a few bits of the dish. It was delicious. The dish had everything going for it: the taste was vibrant, the textures were good, and the presentation was great. I didn't think it tasted much like mushrooms though. I thought I had survived the meal, and then the next dish came out. It was....mushrooms. I took a small bite, again, to be polite. It wasn't bad. In fact, it was kind of good. I ended up eating the whole dish.

I don't think I'm a full scale mushroom fan now. Getting over an ages long food phobia takes time, but, if I do end up liking mushrooms, I'll have Brendon to thank.


Wendy said...

I am Emily's mom, your neighbor.
Your photos are great and I like your website. I was unable to comment on the "cooking lesson" due to flickering so I am leaving a comment on this site related to the cooking lesson.

Tell your friend that when she practices her knife skills that it will be much easier if she stands up and uses a counter at waist level. Her arms will become less fatigued and she will have far more control.

emertron said...

Not like mushrooms?! Mushrooms are delicious!

Btw, the food looks great.