Saturday, August 30, 2008


This will be one of the very few non-food related posts. However, being our wedding and all, I feel its worth breaking from the traditional form of our blog and putting in some non-food pictures.

First of all, I am very happy to say that the day was a huge success, and after various trips to the caterer (blogged about here and here), we got a fantastic meal. Here's that actual menu we went with.
Unfortunately, we weren't really able to enjoy our meals. Everyone we knew who has gone through a wedding said as much. We got maybe two or three bites, but this is more or less what our sweetheart table looked like long after everyone else had finished their meals
the food was pretty much untouched. We were too busy running around toasting each of the tables
and since we had nearly 300 guests, it took quite a bit of time to get around to all of the tables. The wait staff was kind enough to pack up our meals though, so we were finally able to eat at around 2 or 3 in the morning when everything had settled down and we were back in our hotel room
and while we didn't get around to eating any of our cake until about two days after the wedding, Abby did get the cake toppers she had always wanted.
Anyway, now that the food pictures are out of the way, here is a quick, pictorial timeline of our wedding day, if you want to seem more pictures, you can just go to my sister's blog or check out the photo albums on my Facebook page. These are all just snap shots from friends and family, and we are eagerly awaiting the professional photos.

Here are Abby and I walking down the aisle with our parents
A couple of Abby's friends from law school, who happen to be really really good singers, performed the flower duet while Abby came down the aisle. Unfortunately, this video gets cut off when everyone stands up to see Abby, but you get the idea.

Here's the church. Abby and I are seated up front while Father Davitti gives the homily.
and afterwards, with a new set of leis and rings, we walk back down the aisle together and exit the church.
After a couple hours driving around Chicago taking pictures with the photographers, we arrived at the Adler Planetarium for our reception, which started out with a cocktail hour on the terrace
and a lion dance (notice the great view from the terrace in the background!)
After the lion dance, everyone grabbed their name cards
and filed into the planetarium for dinner
which was followed by a fireworks show
A fantastic musical performance by the Gold Coast Orchestra
and lots of dancing on an absolutely packed dance floor.

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