Monday, August 17, 2009

Alive & Kickin' Lobster Sandwich

The Lobster roll is a New England classic, but they don't serve these at Alive & Kickin' Lobster's in Cambridge. Located off of Putnam Street in the Cambridgeport neighborhood, Alive & Kickin' is a small lobster shack filled with tanks of, well, alive and kickin' lobsters. In addition to selling fresh lobsters, they make an awesome lobster sandwich.
The lobster sandwich is pretty simple. It's just big chunks of lobster dressed with a small amount of mayo, served between two slices of buttered, toasted scali bread. I think that lobster rolls usually include too many other things that detract from the main event, the lobster. To me, this lobster sandwich is perfect. There's nothing here but bread and lobster, and the bread is pretty unobtrusive. It's pretty much there to ensure that you aren't just eating chunks of lobster with your bare hands. Not that there would be anything wrong with that.

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