Sunday, August 23, 2009


In just a few short hours, Abby and I will be boarding a plane to Rome. We're calling this vacation our honeymoon (nearly one year after our wedding), but it could also be a one year anniversary trip or Abby's "bar trip" (I guess it's so common for young lawyers-to-be to take a nice vacation between the bar exam and the start of employment that the vacation has its own name. It's like a high end version of spring break.)

We've planned a whirlwind trip, which is exactly what most people recommend not to do. Italy, it is said, is the type of place where you want to spend time in each location to savour the local customs (food). That's not how we like to travel, though. If any particular location deserves more attention, we'll be back. For now, though, we'll make due with a couple days in each of the locations on our itinerary. Here's where we'll be going:

-Florence (where we hope to fit a cooking lesson)
-Cinque Terre (where we'll spend our one year anniversary) 

Hopefully we'll have a number of "blog-worthy" meals and nice pictures that we'll post after we return in early September, and I'm sure the trip will inspire a several Italian meals, not that there's been any shortage of those on this blog. 

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Jen said...

If you have time, i *HIGHLY* recommend hitting Parma. The food there is the best I've ever enjoyed!! have a great time!