Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prune, round 2

Of all the restaurants Abby and I went to last summer in New York, Prune was one of our favorites. Abby was fortunate enough to get a spot in Manhattan for the New York Bar Exam (most out of staters get stuck in Albany or Buffalo), so we went back to Prune to celebrate the end of the two day ordeal. In addition to the bone marrow dish that we had on our last trip, we ordered and octopus salad with celery and chile flakes
fried sweet breads with bacon and capers
green beans with crab broth and almonds
and the special of the night, which was roasted suckling big with black eyed peas in a spicy broth.
As expected, everything was really, really good. Of the new dishes that we tried, I thought the suckling pig was the standout. It included bits of crispy cracklins, and the broth that it was served with was nice and spicy. It had a familiar, Sunday dinner feel to it, yet, at the same time, the spicy broth made it completely unique. It's too bad this was just a special. It would have made a nice addition to the permanent menu.

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