Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farewell Savenor's

For the last three years, I've been fortunate enough to live about 500 feet from Savenor's. I've raved about Savenor's in numerous blog posts, and I'll miss their fantastic, friendly staff and amazing selection. As their motto proclaims, they truly are "The Best on the Block" and then some.
Living next door to a place like this was the height of convenience. I never really had to plan meals ahead of time because I knew I could always just run around the corner and get anything I needed. I hope I can find a comparable butcher somewhere in Chicago, but, unfortunately, I won't be living right next door to one.

At Savenor's you can get the standards like beef, chicken, and pork (all locally raised, if you like), as well as more interesting meats like muscovy duck breast,
kobe beef and a number of different types of sausages, including the buffalo sausage picture below.
Savenor's also carries a number of different meats that you will never see at your local Whole Foods. The selection varies, but here's a sampling of some of the weird meats available the last time we went into the store: wild boar and yak
kangaroo loin and venison rack
bear shoulder roast
and even python fillets

This place was once a favorite shopping spot of Julia Child, whose "Bon Appetit-JC" inscription greets customers on the sidewalk by the entrance, and it was certainly a favorite of mine that will be missed.


Derrick said...

Abby and Sam,

My current butcher that I like to pick up steaks, sausages, and other various cuts of meat from is Paulina Meat Market. The hours are a bit unwieldy due to my own work schedule, but they have some phenomenal cuts of meat in my experience.

I'm not so sure that they have the various types of game meat you'd be looking for, however I've never asked either.

Let me know if you find a different preferred butcher in Chicago! Can't wait for your move in!

Sam said...

That's one of the first place I plan on checking out. It's not like I ever cooked python or bear...it was just cool to know that I had the option if I ever felt so adventurous.